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As you might expect with a mixed ability group our musical experience is quite varied and a few notes about this are listed below;


Yours truly – Tony claims to be one of the groups leaders but as the group mostly ignore his advice he is reduced to singing and playing as loud as possible in the hope that some will follow his lead. Tony played lead guitar in a beat group in the 60’s and has been talking about it ever since.


Dale - Also claims to be a group leader from time to time but his true value to the group is his ability to produce playable music from the numerous suggestions made by individuals at our weekly meetings and his unique finger picking guitar style.


Alison – Played guitar many years ago but claimed to have forgotten everything when she joined the group but her progress has shown that once learned the ability to play is rarely lost. Her other major contributions have been her singing and playing the marraca’s !


Gill – Was a complete novice when she began and her playing has progressed well during her time with the group and like Alison her singing has been a major plus for us – although she is occasionally singing faraway when on holiday !


Gordon – Is an expert ukele player although he keeps this in the case when playing guitar with us. He had a good knowledge of guitars before joining and despite the best efforts of our more experienced players he continues to make progress.


John – Another complete novice when he began, John has shown a determination to improve his musical knowledge and guitar technique moving from a steel strung classical guitar to playing a full acoustic and developing his rhythm playing. He’s definitely got rhythm !


Margaret – Although not playing guitar before joining us her musical antennae was already well developed having taken an interest in the piano and she continues to influence the treatment of songs and the way we play and sing them. Although naturally left handed she has succeeded in playing the guitar right handed, an achievement in itself !


Martin – Is probably the most unassuming character in our group but perhaps the most accomplished and experienced rhythm player we have. He also played in groups in his youth and has the ability to play along with most songs without sheet music, usually because he has mislaid his music or his Capo !


Paul – Could already play acoustic guitar competently and had a good knowledge of chords and rhythm but over Christmas 2017 he suddenly decided to extend his musical knowledge and bought an electric bass guitar and amplifier. This was a pleasant shock to the group and after a few weeks everyone agreed our sound had been significantly improved by Paul’s playing. He sounds even better when he plugs the guitar in !


Philip – Also started as a complete novice but has learned to play left handed on a steel strung classical guitar while managing to decipher all the chord charts produced for right handed players. We still don’t know how he does it !


Richard – Was already an experienced rhythm player with a Folk Group, he takes a leading role in the singing often adding harmonies and playing a 12 string acoustic guitar which has complemented our sound. He occasionally drifts into playing obscure folk tunes when we rehearse but we bring him down to earth with the odd Beatles tune or two.


Vaughan – Had been taking classical guitar lessons prior to joining us but wanted to play in his own words “jollier tunes” and to improve his knowledge of chords and rhythm playing. Although having an excellent singing voice he has concentrated on guitar and is encouraging others to attempt fingerstyle. He’s also an accomplished cartoonist, group members being his main subject !