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We are a group of 12 retired people who came together in January 2017 with the intention of meeting to play and sing the music we liked and to share our knowledge and love of the acoustic guitar. We had a few small obstacles along the way, for example almost half our number had little or no experience of the guitar and the rest no experience of teaching the instrument. Despite these minor problems our group has made remarkable progress in such a short space of time allowing us to now perform in public with confidence. The music we play is mostly drawn from tunes that were popular in the 1950s 60s and 70s although lately we have searched out less well known numbers and music from more contemporary artists such as Adele and others. In other words if we like it we learn to play it ! We are based in the Lichfield area and most of our public performances have been in support of charitable groups and other events to help raise money for good causes or just to provide free entertainment for an hour or so. In other words we will perform for almost anyone who will invite us to play and sing ! Perhaps our single biggest achievement is that we still have the original 12 members who joined in 2017 and no one has fallen by the wayside. We are a very happy group but we try to take our music seriously most of the time !